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19.12.2012Collecting of pollen

Collecting of pollen Certain types of flowering plants open their flowers in the late afternoon. Some pollen is so attractive that many workers came back home late after sunset.

11.12.2012Honeyflow of kapok tree Ceiba pentandra: Bombaceae

Honeyflow of kapok tree   Ceiba pentandra: Bombaceae The dream of every beekeeper, on a photo of the flower can be seen what amounts of nectar secreted tree - unfortunately at night. However, the European honey bee can fly like A. dorsata, one or two our before sunrise

12.04.2012Bees and other pollinators in Cambodia.

Bees and other pollinators in Cambodia. Minutes of the Slovenian Beekeepers Association (Commission on alternative pollinators):

In an extremely interesting, video-assisted lecture us mr.Tomaž Oštir lecturer in the two-hour show and described the transmission of live bees and other pollinators in Cambodia, his efforts and achievements in the field of beekeeping in the Slovenian school in Cambodia and highlighted the differences in living environment and the survival rates of bees between Slovenia and this country. We have seen many of our entirely new conditions of life and adaptation to extreme conditions of bees, which sometimes prevail in this country. Discussed types of bees:
Honeybees and other pollinators: A. dorsata, ceran, florea, and andreniformis neželate bees of the genus Fusarium Melipon and Trigon, wood bees Xlocope, Megachiliidae, Megachiliidae sculpturalis and Amegilla sp.

At this point, on behalf of all participants once again sincerely thank the lecturer for his valuable time and effort that is dedicated to our committee.

Janez Grad, President of the Commission

05.03.2012Tomaž is going back to Slovenia

Bee school master Tomaž Oštir is going back to Slovenia where he will treat bees, bred queens, gained royal jelly, honey, ... and in the autumn he'll be back to Cambodia to teach and lead the school.

01.03.2012Bees are not evil.

Bees are not evil. The combination of Slovenian beekeeping practices and the Cambodian approach.

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